If you would like any one or a group of our Chorleywood Bookshelf publications please use the order button to select your chosen publications and complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Once we have your request we will confirm the costs and distribution route to ensure you receive our documentation at the earliest possible time.

We offer a series of short Chorleywood Bookshelf monographs for direct sale.
Currently available are:

ORDER 1. Understanding the causes of unwanted holes in bread

ORDER 2. A guide to doughnut technology

ORDER 3. A guide to the effects of the main ingredients used in sponges and cakes

We also offer copies of previously published Problems and Solutions.
Currently available are:

ORDER 1. Wrinkled or collapsed fruit buns

ORDER 2. Large indentations at the base of the loaf

ORDER 3. Fruit cake dry and crumbly after a few days’ storage

ORDER 4. Soggy pastry with apple pies

ORDER 5. Collapse of doughnuts and excess fat absorption

ORDER 6. Stick icing on éclairs

ORDER 7. Crust shelling of frozen products

ORDER 8. Shrinkage with pastry and biscuit products

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