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1. Unwanted Holes in Bread: Why They Form and How to Limit Them

2. A Guide to Doughnut Technology

3. A Guide to the Effects of the Main Ingredients used in Cake and Sponge Recipes

4. Technology of Laminated Products

5. A Guide to Chemical Leavening Agents and Baking Powders, and their Applications in Baked Products

6. Baking Problems and Solutions – Volume 1

7. The Chorleywood Bread Process

8. Biscuits, Cookies and Crackers

9. Sourdough Technology and Bread Production

10. Water Activity and its Practical Importance for Baked Products

11. Fats & Oils in the Manufacture of Baked Products

12. The Roles of Sugars in the Manufacture of Baked Products

13. Part-Baked Products and Frozen Dough

14. The Manufacture of Wheat Flour & Its Quality Assessment