“As a small bakery with limited technical resource, we really value your quick responses with practical solutions and support for our business.”

Craft Baker

“The problems with our coated biscuits have plagued us for some time and created high wastage. Your analytical approach to identifying the root causes and the practical solutions you provided have largely eliminated production waste.”

Biscuit Baker

“With your innovative approach and guidance in re-designing our bread production we have been able to substantially reduce our production costs and make major energy savings.”

Large Industrial Bread Baker

“Thank you for your advice; with your help we have been able to eliminate the collapse of our filled croissant and the loss of chocolate filling.”

Confectionery Baker

“With your input we have been able to correct a major fault in our bread quality and with your recommendations we have been able to make major reductions in our raw materials costs for each our plants.”

Large Industrial Bread Baker

"Indeed we made great progress in understanding the base quality issues for our bread quality. We look forward to working with you to take us to the next level of delivery.”

Milling and Baking Group

“The output of the day was very helpful and I hope we are on the way to identifying the key requirements for our part-baked products. We really appreciated you making the visit at such short notice.”

Bread Baker

“Your assessment of our bread production was most helpful and eye opening for the team. Thank you for your visit; your innovative approach will help us greatly improve the development of our new products.”

Industrial Baker

“Thanks for the feedback, BakeTran. I appreciate all the support you have provided us in resolving the problems we have been having with flour quality in our donut production.”

Cake and Cookie Manufacturer

"I would like to thank you for the very interesting visit and sharing your knowledge and experience on pastry production; this will help us improve plant efficiency and reduce energy costs."

Laminated Products Manufacturer